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Reagent Bottles
Reagent Bottles
Orsat Apparatus
Orsat Apparatus
Organic Chemistry Set
Organic Chemistry Set
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Products & Services
Filter Gooch
Erienmeyer flask
Separatory Funnels
Volumetric Flask
Watch glass
Asipirator bottles
Hexagonal Measuring Cylinders
Pipette Filler
Separatory Funnel
Round Bottles
Distillation Apparatus
Condenser leibig
Test Tube
Petri Dish
Stirring Rod
Boiling Flask
Laboratory Glassware
Absorption Pipette
Air leak tube
Alluminium Foil
Ammonia Distillation
Anderson Pipette
Arsenic App. (Various)
Assemblies Various
Auto Variac
Berhlot App
Blow Pipe (Brass)
Boyles Law Burette
Boss Heads
Buckner Flasks
Bunsen’s Eudiometer
Burettes Automatic
Calcium Chloride towers
Carbon Burette
Centrifuge Tubes
Charles Law Apparatus
Clevenger App
Cold finger condenser
Constant Volume Air Thermometer
Conical Flasks
Connecting Tubes
Cover Slips
Cork Boring Machine
Crow Receiver
Culture Tubes
Davies Condenser
Destructive Distillation Assembly
Digital temperature Controller unit
Filter Paper Sheets
Fractionation Assemblies
Gas Measuring Burettes
General utility Sets
Hemoglobin tube
Heating Mantles
Hydrogen Eletrodes
Insemination Pipettes
Infrared Moisture Balance
Jung's Melting
Kohlrausch flasks
Laboratory Teflon Wares
Lock Stoppers
Measuring cylinders.
Melting Point
Multiple Adapters
Occular Micrometer disc
Organ Tubes
Pear Shaped Flasks
Pipettes Bulbs Rubber
Polar meters Tubes
Silicon Rubber Tubing
Solvents Recovery Assemblies
Standard Weston Cells
Tap Funnels
T.L.C. Apparatus
Vacuum Distillation
V.D.R.L. Concavity Slides
Vortex Shaker
Watch Glass
Weighing Bottles
Wire Gauze
Weight Thermometer
Wolf’s Bottles
Rubber Tubes
Slide Boxes
Laboratory Glassware
Adapters Various
Albumin meter
Alluminium Test Tube Stands
Ampoules (Various)
Anaerobic Culture jar
Artificial Insemination Pipette
Automatic Acid Measure
Blood Drying Tubes (Vacationer)
Boiling Point App. (Beckman)
Buchhi Flask Evaporator
Bulk Density Cylinders (Vankle's)
Bunsen Ice Calorimeter
Burette Clamps
Calomel Electrodes
Carbon Dioxide Apparatus
Centrifuge Machine
Chromatography sprayers
Clinical laboratory App
Colony Counter
Tubes Cones (Male Part Of Joint)
Condensers All Types
Conical Flasks wide mouth
Conway Diffusion Unit
Cottrell Brown Boiling Poing App
Cork Borers
Crucible Sintered
Cylinders Graduated
Dean & Stark App
Diamond Point Pencil
Digital Pipettes
E.S.R. Tubes
Filter Pump
Freeze Drying Ampoules
Fused Silica Laboratory Ware
Gas Washing Bottles
Glass Beads
Hemoglobin Pipette
Hoffman Screw Clips
Impinger Tubes
Interchangeable Ground
Joints Standard
Khan Test Tube
Kundt's Tubes
Le-Chattier Flasks
Mac-Cortney bottles
Measuring Flasks
Mercury Seal Glands & Guides
Needle Tube Holders
Oil Centrifuge Tubes
Oxygen Purity Test App
Photo Chemical Reactor
Platinum wire Fused
Pollution Apparatus
Silicon Vaccum Greese
Soil Moisture Gauge
Steam Distillation Heads
Temperature Control Unit (Digital)
Tongs Various
Vacuum Receiver Adapters
Voltameter Water (Hoffman)
Wash Bottle
Water Baths
Weight Boxes
Witt's Filtering App
Wooden Laboratory Equipments
W.B.C. Pipette
Rubber Corks
Solid Changing Funnel
Laboratory Glassware
Air Condensers
Allihan Condenser
Amber Colour Vials
Ampoule filling Valves
Aniline Point App. 'U' Tube
Aspirator Bottles
Automatic Burettes
Beckman's Freezing Point
Blood Sugar Tubes
Bottles Gas Washing
Boiling Tubes S Micro
Buckner Funnel
Density Cylinders
Burettes Various
Wooden Burettes Stand
Calcium Chloride Tubes
Carbon Sulphur Glass Parts
Chromatography Columns & Apparatus
Clamps Various
Coil Condenser
Columns Fractionating
Constant Pressure Air Thermometer
Conductivity Cells
C.O.D. Digestion App
Counting Chamber
Cocking Bulbs
Crude Fibre Estimation App
Crucible Tongs
Dairy Thermometer
Dewar Vacuum Flasks
Digestion Tubes
Diffusion Pump for Vacuum
Digital PH Meter
Essential Oil Determination App
Filter Papers
Frothy Liquid Distillation
Gas Absorption Assembly
Gas Taps
Graduated Test Tubes
Heating Tapes
Hot Water Rack
Industrial Thermometers
Jolly's Air Bulb
Kjeldhal Distillation Assembly
Laboratory Stands
Leibig's Condensors
Majjonier Flasks
Magnetic Stirrers & Teflon coated
Millipore membrane Filter holder
Nitrogen Determination App
Oil Bath (High Temp.)
Oxygen Purifying Assembly
Pipette Various
Plastic ware
Preparation Assembly
Slide Warming Table
Spiral Condensers
Suba seal Stopper
Theil's Tube Melting
Trypsinising Flask
Vacuum Pump for Filteration
Volatile Acid Determination
Wash Bottles Plastic
Wasserman Tubes
Wintrobe Tubes
Weighing Scoops
Working Tray (S.S)
Rubber Sleeve Glands
Sealing Machine
Soil Moisture Gauge
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